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Will the Coaxial Speaker Cable be too long to affect the sound?


Will the Coaxial Speaker Cable be too long to affect the sound?

The influence of Coaxial Speaker Cable on sound quality


 There was an experiment among audio players: two Coaxial Speaker Cables with the same wire but different lengths were used in the same audio system, and the listener AB listened blindly to feel the difference between the two. After summing up the sense of hearing, two groups

 of diametrically opposite conclusions were drawn.

 1 Some fans think that a set of short Coaxial Speaker Cables has better sound, while a long Coaxial Speaker Cable has significantly reduced speed and texture. The extension of high frequencies has shrunk, and the sense of air is compromised.

 2 Some enthusiasts think that the long Coaxial Speaker Cable is smoother and more flexible, and sounds better.

 Everyone, please don't be confused, and listen to the author slowly explain the reason for this.

 Coaxial Speaker Cable is a signal transmission link in the HIFI audio system. Without a high-quality Coaxial Speaker Cable, the cable must be as short as possible, and the shorter the cable, the smaller the impact on the sound. However, a Coaxial Speaker Cable that

 is too long will cause the low frequency to deteriorate due to the corresponding increase in internal resistance. Therefore, the first experimental hearing conclusion corresponds to the theoretical analysis.

 As for the second conclusion, it is believed that the long Coaxial Speaker Cable is smoother, softer, and better to hear, because the tone of the Coaxial Speaker Cable is added to the sound, and some Coaxial Speaker Cable's tone characteristics are added to the system. 

Therefore, the two are not contradictory.

 In fact, using a long Coaxial Speaker Cable is also a method for some audiophiles to tune. But this is a relatively unusual and rare gameplay. This gameplay cannot be completely denied, because there are many side-doors in playing audio, some of which cannot be explained in theory,

 but may be effective in practice. For example, your system sound is sharp and bright. , Low to medium and thin, so by using a long loud Coaxial Speaker Cable, it is possible to improve these shortcomings. So it cannot be completely denied, but it is the last resort after all.

 If your system is well balanced, and if you also use such a long Coaxial Speaker Cable, the sound will be dark and dull. So no matter how you say it, neutrality, balance, no or less exaggeration are what we enthusiasts advocate. From this concept, everyone should be able to understand 

whether the Coaxial Speaker Cable should be as short as possible or as long as possible.