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Why to decorate in must reserve CCTV Cable?


Why to decorate in must reserve CCTV  cable?

The necessity of reserving CCTV cable




Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an image communication system. The signal from the source point is 

only transmitted to a specific TV set in advance that communicates with the source point. It is widely used 

in a large number of different types of surveillance work, education, video conferences, etc.

Some citizens are unfamiliar with the scope of digital TV services and business functions, and they lack careful 

consideration when decorating new houses, resulting in missing CCTV cable. They regretted not having reserved 

CCTV cable until they wanted to install digital TV and broadband.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to install CCTV cable at home in advance! The following are the benefits of reserving

 CCTV cable.

1. One CCTV cable can realize the functions of watching TV, surfing the Internet, and on-demand. It is easy to install,

 clean and beautiful.

2. Hua Sudoku has three-channel technology, live, on-demand, and Internet each occupy one channel, so that you can 

watch TV and surf the Internet without interference! Make the network run faster and more stable, and watch TV is not

 affected by bandwidth. The picture is clearer, the live broadcast has no delay, no freeze, the on-demand program saves

 the search and download process, and enjoys the "private car" treatment.

3. The price is real, there is no bundled consumption, no consumption trap.

4. Fast and high-quality service.