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How to make your USB Cable clean as new in 5 seconds?


How to make your  USB Cable clean as new in 5 seconds?

What should you do if the phone USB Cable gets dirty too easily?




1.Wipe the USB Cable  with a hot towel

 The USB Cable  is frequently used daily, and it will inevitably be stained with fingerprints and dust, which will leave dirt after a long time. At this

time, the simplest way is to wipe it with a hot towel. Pour the towel on warm water between 40~60℃, wring it out, do not have too much water,

and wipe it back and forth evenly.




2.Clean the USB Cable  with toothpaste


The USB Cable  is yellow and dirty. It is most appropriate to scrub with a professional cleaning agent, but professional cleaning agents are not

always available in daily life. The editor recommends a tool that is both ready and easy to use—toothpaste, because the most important componen

t of toothpaste is abrasives, such as calcium carbonate, dolomite, etc. You can easily remove some of them by using the friction particles contained

in the toothpaste. Dirt that is difficult to remove.


3. Clean the USB Cable  with makeup remover


Makeup remover is definitely indispensable for beauty-loving girls at home, and it is also a rare mobile phone USB Cable  cleaning artifact. You can

choose a thicker makeup remover cotton, dip it in the makeup remover, and pinch one end of the thread, it will be as clean as new after a few times

from top to bottom, even the dyed part of the jeans can be easily done!