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Home improvement weak current system wiring


Home improvement weak current system wiring

The home life in modern society must not only be convenient and comfortable, but also smart, entertaining, and safe. This requires perfect home weak current wiring. Weak current wiring is the "nerve" in the home room, they transmit various circuit signals to various devices, so as to achieve the above application requirements.

1. LAN system

Wiring key points: The local area network we want to build is a star topology. Any node or connecting cable failure will only affect one node. Install the RJ45 distribution panel module that plays the role of master control in the information access box. All Ethernet Cable from the socket is connected to the back of the distribution panel, and the information access box should also be equipped with a small network switch, which is connected to the front interface of the distribution panel through an Ethernet Cable. To reserve network information interfaces for the Internet and a large number of network information appliances that will be available in the future. We need at least two network interfaces that each room needs. One can be used for the network and the other can be used as a telephone. This is based on network and telephone multiplexing. And the requirement of mutual line backup. Including RJ45 distribution panel, twisted pair, RJ45 information module, I have to choose the currently popular super five types, which can meet the needs of present and future.


2. CATV system

Wiring key points: better materials should be selected for the household cable television system, and special two-way, high-shielding, high-isolation 1000MHZ Coaxial Cable and panel, distributor, and amplifier (required when more than 4 branches are required) should be used. The distributor should use high-quality devices marked with 5-1000MHz technical indicators. The cable should be a 75-5 type, four-shielded physical foamed coaxial cable with good shielding performance against external interference signals to ensure the signal level of each room; the cable TV image is clear and there is no net interference. The wiring of the CATV is relatively simple. For ordinary commercial houses, we only need to install a one-to-four distributor module in the family information box to distribute the Cable TV connected to the outside to the living room and each room.