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Setting up a Satellite TV receiving system


Setting up a Satellite TV receiving system

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 The Satellite TV receiving system is composed of an uplink transmitting station (uplink transmission), a satellite stellar body (a satellite-borne transponder) and a ground receiving (downlink receiving station).

1) The uplink transmitting station can be a fixed large-scale ground station or a mobile ground station. The program signal and audio signal are sent by a directional antenna, which is processed and amplified and sent to the satellite transponder. In addition to other uplink stations, the main uplink station has two tasks. One is to provide programs to the stars, and the other is to receive downlink signals from the stars to monitor the quality of the programs and the satellite operating attitude, and randomly send correction instructions to the stars through the uplink station to change the satellites. Adjust the antenna and switching equipment to ensure the normal operation of the system.

2) The satellite-borne transponder converts the received uplink signal into a downlink FM signal, which is amplified and transmitted to the ground by a directional antenna.

3) The ground receiving station will receive the downlink FM signal forwarded by the satellite, and then undergo frequency conversion and demodulation, and then send it to the cable television (CATV) system. The above composition is the basic front-end of the satellite TV receiving system and the cable TV receiving system. composition.

(2) The Cable television (CATV) system is composed of a receiving part, a front-end part, a trunk transmission and a distribution network.

1) Receiving part: It mainly receives satellite microwave signals through high-gain parabolic satellite receiving antennas.

2) Front-end part: consists of down-converter (high-frequency head LNB) and satellite TV receiver.

The frequency down converter is to reduce the satellite microwave radio frequency signal (C band, the frequency is 3.7~4.2GHz) received by the antenna to the intermediate frequency signal, the frequency is 970~1470MHz. The equipment is mainly composed of a low noise amplifier and a down converter. .

The function of the satellite TV receiver is to restore the satellite TV signal into images and sound with standard TV interface level for general TV viewing.

3) Trunk transmission: The function of the trunk transmission part of the CATV system is to transmit the high-frequency TV signal output by the front-end part to the input port of the system distribution network without distortion, and the output level signal should meet the requirements of the distribution network system. Commonly used trunk lines include coaxial cable transmission and optical fiber cable transmission.

4) Distribution network: Its function is to transmit the high-frequency TV signal provided by the front end to the splitter through the main line, and then to the terminal distributor for users' TV viewing.


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