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Precautions for installation of surveillance camera wiring


Precautions for installation of surveillance camera wiring


1. CCTV Video Cable: SYV75-3 video cable generally transmits within 200 meters, 75-5 transmits within 400 meters, 75-7 can transmit 800 meters; the quality of CCTV Coaxial cable, RG59, RG6, should be paid attention to. Both RG11 and RG11 require 100% copper core and 95% copper braided shielding layer. The maximum resistance of the circuit loop connection cannot exceed 15 ohms. When the distance exceeds 500 meters, it is necessary to consider the use of optical cable transmission.


2. Power cord: Flame-retardant cables should be selected, and thicker ones should be used as much as possible to reduce the attenuation of the power supply.


3. Control line: generally use shielded 2*1.0 cable, RVVP2*1.0.


  1. Threading pipe: PVC pipe or PVC trunking can be used in general, and galvanized steel pipe should be used for underground or explosion-proof projects.


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