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How long can the Speaker Cable be for your Speaker?


How long can the Speaker Cable be for your Speaker?




1. The length of the Speaker Cable should be 2m~2.5m, which is close to the practical length, and there is a certain margin. If it exceeds 5m, the sound range will be narrowed, and the aftermath and strength of the music will decrease, which also causes Unnecessary waste.


2. When using hard beam Speaker Wire, do not bend the wire too much. When using multi-strand speaker wire, because the wire diameter is relatively thick, it is necessary to ensure that the contact surface between the wire and the terminal is large and firm.


3. The length of the signal cable is 1m~1.5m, because most audiophiles think that a longer signal cable is good for the sound quality and easy to move and adjust. (Note: For digital cables, the foreign HEADFI website believes that the shorter the digital cable, the better the effect).

 4.When the self-made signal line is used, it is solder-free and gold-plated yellow plug. When fixed with screws, the resistance of the head is generally 5-50mΩ, and when soldering, the interface resistance is below 3MΩ, so it is better to switch to soldering.

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