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Outer sheath material of armored cable

1. Fibrous materials
(1) Paper: Cut from cable paper with a thickness of 0.12mm.
(2) Hemp: cable hemp made of jute.

2. Metal materials
The metal materials used in the outer sheath are mainly steel strip, steel wire, aluminum strip (aluminum alloy strip), etc.
(1) Steel strip: steel strip with cold rolled steel strip, painted steel strip and galvanized steel strip.
Cold-rolled steel strip: It is made of hot-rolled steel strip after cold rolling, and is mainly used for painted steel strip and galvanized steel strip for processing cable armor layer.
Painted steel strip: It is made by forming a paint film on the cold rolled steel strip by dipping or electrophoresis. Specifications and dimensions are the same as cold rolled steel strip.
Galvanized steel strip: Galvanized steel strip is made of cold-rolled steel strip coated with a galvanized layer. There are hot-dip plating (R) and electroplating (D).
(2) Steel wire: galvanized steel wire for armor is made of low-carbon steel hot-rolled round wire rod.

3. Plastic
Polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride.