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What are CATV system Wiring like?


What are CATV system Wiring like?



Centralized Network calculation method for CATV System Wiring:

This method is defined as: all the floor branch distributors are concentrated in the weak current room, and a radio frequency cable is independently laid from each user terminal (socket) to the corresponding weak current room to connect with the branch distributor.


The horizontal part of the Coaxial Cable RG6, the calculation method of cable usage:


Average cable length = (horizontal distance of the farthest user terminal + horizontal distance of the nearest user terminal)/2+2H (H——floor height)


Actual average cable length = average cable length × 1.1+ (termination tolerance, usually 3)


Total number of cables required = total number of user terminals x actual average cable length (m)


Note: The horizontal distance of the farthest and nearest user terminal is the actual distance from the floor distribution box to the farthest and nearest terminal user socket, including the actual horizontal routing distance. If a floor distribution box is set up in multiple floors, the corresponding floor height should also be included.