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What are the advantages of Solar Panel Power Surveillance Cameras?


What are the advantages of Solar Panel Power Surveillance Cameras?



Low-power design is widely used in portable and mobile products, and these products do not always have sufficient power supply. They are often powered by batteries, so our Solar Panel Power Surveillance Cameras come from every detail Consider reducing power consumption to extend battery life as much as possible.


Applicable to a wide range of installation environments: it can be monitored in the wild without electricity (rural roads, farmhouses, villas, fish ponds, orchards, construction sites, mines, etc.).



Low power consumption: When someone passes by within 5-8 meters of the camera's illumination range, the camera will wake up within 1 second, live real-time video recording, and send an alarm to the mobile app to actively push the alarm information to the user. When no one passes by, the camera is in standby mode and consumes low power.




Dual power supply: The solar camera uses Solar panels and batteries for bidirectional power supply. At night, the battery power supply works, and the Solar panel charges the battery when it is sunny. So as to achieve circulating power supply.