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Possible to power our outdoor Cameras with Solar Panel?


Possible to power our outdoor Cameras with Solar Panel?

How to use the camera in places where power is not available?

In the information age, people are paying more and more attention to privacy and security, including online and offline, so smart monitoring devices are gradually entering the home.


You will also find that some smart surveillance cameras can not only be used indoors, but also start to add three-proof functions, which can be installed on the balcony or outside the gate.


But a regrettable part is that they either use built-in lithium batteries or AA batteries. Once the power is exhausted, they still need to connect to AC power or replace the battery. If you are not at home at this time, then there is a safety hazard.


Think about it so carefully, what is the "perfect match" for outdoor security cameras? Obviously solar cells, after all, solar energy is free, isn't it?

Solar panels are generally installed on the top of the equipment and can always absorb solar energy for their own use.

If there is insufficient sunlight in the installation place, the solar panel can be placed in a place with more sunlight through the extension cable. The solar panel is equipped with a multi-angle adjustable bracket to facilitate the follow-up of the seasonal changes in the solar altitude angle and adjust the angle appropriately, which is very flexible . In addition, the battery panel is also waterproof, so you are not afraid of rain or snow.


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