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RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Coax Cable




Which is better, RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cable?


CTC Connexions has 17-year experience in OEM/ODM Manufacturing for Coaxial cables including RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cables.

Lets try to figure out Which is better, RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cable.

It’s up to what we are using it for.



RG = radio guide whose specs are used to distinguish different types of cables, but they aren’t the only way. In most cases an RG6 Cable has better shielding than an RG59 cable, and is thicker because of it. However, many RG59 Cables are just RG6 Cables that didn’t quite meet those specs and are just repackaged.


RG6 Cable is the best choice for most cases. 

RG59 for antennas

We don’t even buy RG59 cable anymore but if we do it’s going to be for an antenna. RG59 cable has higher loss and isn’t generally able to handle the frequencies used by satellite.

RG6 for most Satellite Cables

Properly made RG6 cable should get a stronger signal over a longer distance, which is important for satellite TV since there’s a lot more signal there. Antennas are often OK with RG59 Cable but do just fine with RG6 as well.

RG11 only for special uses

RG11 Cable is made for special purposes like burial or very long runs. It’s so thick that it needs special connectors and is very hard to bend. It’s a real pain to use and isn’t recommended for most indoor installations.