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What is USB4.0?


What is USB4.0?


We can imagine that in the future, notebooks, mobile phones, cameras, monitors, game consoles, etc. can all use the same data cable, and there is no need to carry several different data cables with us, and the transmission of these electronic devices is convenient. The performance will be greatly improved.


The USB4.0 protocol will absorb the Thunderbolt 3 protocol for development. To say that this is thanks to Microsoft’s announcement of a free license for Thunderbolt 3, which has accelerated the arrival of USB4.0.


Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the Thunderbolt 3 protocol, it’s okay, as long as you understand that the USB4.0 transfer rate will be as high as 40Gbps! It can provide up to 100W of power, and it uses PCIe 3.0 x4 channels


We must know that the highest transfer rate of our latest USB3.2 Gen 2x2 is only 20Gbps. USB4.0 will directly double on this basis, not to mention those friends who are still stuck in the 3.0USB 5Gbps era. This means that friends who like resources don’t have to wait in front of the computer to transmit resources, especially those who collect a few Ts. It’s not too cool.


Another official announcement of the USB promotion organization will also bring great convenience to everyone, that is, USB4.0 will only recommend the Type-C interface.


Then this means that USB 4 can transmit data and 4K display protocol at the same time, that is to say, you can connect monitors, external graphics cards, high-speed mobile hard disks, etc. with only one USB Type-C data cable, which also means laptops and other devices The practicability is further improved, and the performance is further improved.


In view of the current trend that Type-C has occupied half of the country, this news will greatly accelerate the unification of Type-C, which means that you will finally not be troubled by various complicated data lines. For those who do not have common sense of data lines For my friends, you only need to know what Type-C looks like in the future.