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What is Low Voltage Wiring?


What is Low Voltage Wiring?



What is Low Voltage Wiring?


Low voltage is electrical wiring and trim that carry with voltage lower than 50 volts. It carries less power than what is typically found at home, for example, most standard wall power outlets are 120V or 240V the power outlets, fixtures, and switches.  

Structured cabling is built on a network that is separate from your homes standard wiring. Because its separate an experienced wiring contractor who specializes in low voltage wiring is essential during new home construction. They will be able to efficiently build an infrastructure that supports the standard needs of most modern homeowners as well as ensure it can scale up to handle any additional electrical upgrades in the future.


Common types of cables used in low-voltage wiring includes:


RJ11 Cables are used for telephones usually. CAT5E and CAT6 used for Data networks and to carry audio and video signals. Fiber optic can transmit large amounts of data, video, audio at high speeds and is widely used in internet networks. RG59, RG6 or RG11 75 ohm coaxial cable is commonly used for CCTV,CATV, Satellite TV,etc.



CTC Connexions has more than 17 year experience in manufacturing of all kind of high quality cables for:

•  RG 11 Satellite and CATV wiring
•   Telephone and Data Wiring
•   Surround Sound Systems
•  Home Automation
•   Intercoms
•   Security Systems
•   Home Audio, Video and Theater Systems


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