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How to start the car with jumper cables


How to start the car with jumper cables

Have you ever encountered such a situation where you were preparing to go to work in the morning, but found that the car that was fine last night could not start? It is very likely that your battery is dead or damaged. Don't worry, today I will teach you a practical technique. After learning it, you can start your own car with someone else's battery.

1. Decide whether you need to use a jumper cable according to the situation. If you use the car key to ignite and the car shakes slightly, but the starter motor does not work, then you need to use a jumper cable. However, if the ignition sounds like the usual noise when the starter motor is working, and the electronic equipment in the car, such as the car lights, can still be used, it means that the problem does not come from your battery and you do not need the help of a cross-border cable.

2. Untie your jumper cables and unfold them straight. Note that there are two clips at each end, one red and one black.

3. Park cars with dead batteries close to cars with electricity. The distance between the two vehicles cannot be greater than the length of the jumper cable. The most ideal way is to park two cars head-to-head. After parking the car, open the engine cover.

4. Connect the red clip of a jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The "+" sign will prompt you which is the positive terminal. If there is a plastic protective sleeve on the positive battery of the battery, remove it first. The jumper cable must be connected to the positive metal rod.

5. Connect the red clip at the other end of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of the battery. The precautions are the same as above.

6. Take out the black jumper cable, and first connect the clip at one end to the negative pole of the battery. The "-" sign will prompt you which is the negative pole.

7. Now is the critical moment! Connect the other clip of the black cable to a metal part of the engine, such as a protruding bolt or a metal bracket. This connection point should be as far away from the battery as possible. If it is directly connected to the negative electrode of a dead battery, it may cause an arc to cause the battery to explode. After connecting to the engine, some electric sparks may be generated. Don't be afraid, you will not get an electric shock if you don't touch the metal parts of the engine.

8.  If all goes well, you can now start the car. If it fails to start normally, please check the cable connection again.

9.  Remove the cables in reverse order, first remove the black clip connected to the engine, and then the black clip on the negative electrode of the battery. Then there is the red clip on the positive battery of the battery, and finally the red clip on the dead battery. .

Finally, I would like to remind all car owners that in addition to restarting with a jumper cable when the battery is dead, you can also call the towing company for help. Towing service is a must-buy protection like car insurance, it can be rescued at critical moments.