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Connexions Technology (Dongguan) Ltd. established in 2004, is a leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer for Cables,Plastic Molding and Consumer Electronics. Connexions has renewed the latest international quality management standard of ISO9001:2015. All of Connexions’ staffs are participating in ISO9001 system to ensure customers with reliable high quality products and values. Connexions became member of HDMI adopter since 2010.Our products are also compliant with UL, CUL, ETL CIA/TIA, Rohs/Reach standard. Connexions has more than 50 advanced cable extrude machines and facilities for consumer products assembly & 20 plastic injection molding, blister packaging production machines. Besides the specialized production machinery, the company is also equipped with the qualified testing facilities to conduct safety, performance testings and signal analysis to ensure the high quality and compliance of standards. All cables are 100% tested before shipping.
  • Usually the RF Coaxial Cables are used as Antenna Feeders, which have three nominal impedance of 50 ohms 75 ohms and 100 ohms. Amateur communication usually uses 50 ohms, which is also used by many radio frequency communication. 75 ohms are mostly used for video communication transmission such as monitoring lines and Cable TV. The impedance of 100 ohms mostly appears in the form of twisted pair, single-ended 50 and differential 100, so the twisted pair is a differential line. In addition to impedance, the commonly used feeder has another specification, such as 50-3, 50-5, 50-7 and so on. It is usually considered comprehensively based on the expected feeder attenuation and line cost. The specific approach in the UV segment is as follows:


  • UL Cables I. Home Lighting Wiring 1. Purpose: Use high-purity OFC oxygen-free copper to provide efficient, safe and stable power transmission for lighting electrical products, creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical and beneficial lighting environment.


  • This is the most demanding Cable (Plenum Cable) in the UL fire protection standard. The applicable safety standard is UL910. rage density value is at most 0.15.


  • Cable generally refers to insulated cables. It can be defined as: an assembly composed of the following parts, one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible coating layers, total protective layer and outer protective layer. The Cables may also have additional conductors without insulation. There are 5 categories for the Cables & Wires: 1. Bare wire 2. Winding wire 3. Power Cable 4. Communication Cable and communication optical cable 5. Wire and cable for electrical equipment.


  • Every Chinese Lunar 5th of May is the Dragon Boat Festival We are going to have our Dragon Boat Festival holidays form June 12th, 2021 to June 14th, 2021. Connexions wish everybody can get rid of COVID-19 and keep health.


  • Which is better? RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cable CTC Connexions has 17-year experience in OEM/ODM Manufacturing for Coaxial cables including RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cables. Let’s try to figure out Which is better, RG59 VS RG6 VS RG11 Cable. It’s up to what we are using it for.