CAT8 Patch Cable
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CAT8 Patch Cable

This CAT8 Patch Cable is 2 wiring, a PVC jacket, 24AWG, stranded bare copper and RJ45 connectors featuring 50µ gold-plated contacts with molded strain-relief boots. (UL/ETL/RoHs)

Model:Catagory 8 Patch Cable

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Product Description

This CAT8 Patch Cables are CM rated for network speeds of up to 25/40G Base-T-2000MHz and feature ANSI/TIA 568C.

1. Product Introduction of the CAT8 Patch Cable

This CAT8 Patch Cable is 2 wiring, a PVC jacket, 24AWG, stranded bare copper and RJ45 connectors featuring 50µ gold-plated contacts with molded strain-relief boots. (UL/ETL/RoHs)

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the CAT8 Patch Cable

Conductor Size


Conductor Material

Stranded Bare Copper

Insulation Material

Foam Polyethylene

Insulation Diameter

1.37 mm

Number of Conductors

 8 Conductors

Number of Pairs


Inner Pair Shielding


Outer Shield Material

TC Braiding

Outer Jacket Material


Outer Jacket Diameter


Outer Jacket Rip Cord



3. Product Feature And Application of the CAT8 Patch Cable


Meets or Exceeds CAT8 ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Standards

Easy To Use Wooden Spool

Extra Headroom Provides Room For Growth

Low Attenuation And Power-Sum Crosstalk




4. Product Details of the CAT8 Patch Cable


This CAT8 Patch Cable indoor 40G (S/FTP) high performance

data communications cable has voice, data, video

and security capabilities and is ideal for a network

installation. This cable is designed for indoor type

installations. Our CAT8 Patch Cable has 4 pairs of

24AWG solid bare copper conductors, individually

shielded pairs with an overall TC braiding, and

a PVC RoHS compliant jacket. Our bulk cable is

supplied on a 1000ft wooden spool and is marked

in descending order so you always know how much

cable is left.



5.Product Qualification of the CAT8 Patch Cable

This CAT8 Patch Cable comply with UL RoHS compliant & ISO9001:2015 approved


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the CAT8 Patch Cable

Lead time:15 days for 10K 1000ft CAT8 Patch Cable




1. Q:What is CAT8 Patch Cable used for?

A:CAT8 Patch Cable offers performance of up to 600MHz, 10G

2. Q:Does CAT8 Patch Cable support 10gb?

A:  CAT8 Patch Cable can support 10 Gbps, but laboratory testing has successfully shown its ability to transmit up to 40 Gb at 50 meters and even 100 Gb at 15 meters.

3. Q:What's the difference between CAT5, CAT6 and CAT8 Patch Cable ?


· Cat5e has a bandwidth of 100 MHz, and increases rated transfer speeds with noise reduction and decreased signal interference.

· Cat6- Unlike Cat5 and Cat5e, Cat6 has the ability to reduce crosstalk. Category 6 cabling boasts a bandwidth of 200 MHz and produces higher speeds overall.

· Cat6a- With a bandwidth of 500 MHz, Cat6a more than doubles the bandwidth of Cat6 cabling. The thicker sheathing dramatically reduces alien crosstalk but does result in lesser flexibility. However, this option offers more reliability concerning speed, regardless of environment.

· Cat7 implements fully shielded twisted wires, called Screen Shielded Twisted Pair (SSTP) or Screened Foiled Twisted Pair (SFTP) wiring, resulting in higher performance levels. With 600 MHz bandwidth, Cat7 allows for high-speed network data transfers and can handle mass amounts of information transfers. Category 7 cabling is a great investment, as it has an estimated lifespan of 15 years, as opposed to the average 10-year life cycle of previous cable options.


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